"In another another place, you would be mine."

Thursday, Nov. 18, 2021 - 11:06 p.m.

My nails are long and beautiful af. Liiiiiiiike, it's cray. Went back and looked at pictures and this is the longest they have ever been. All natural - no gel, no acrylic. They almost refuse to break. Lovely.

I'm probably gonna cut 'em this weekend though. LOL They getting unwieldy.

Next week is Thanksgiving. I am so not in the holiday spirit. Situations that happened over the past year have impacted my family's relationships. It's sad. I'm okay with not gathering because CAHROWNAVAHRISS *in my Cardi voice*. But it still is kinda sad to think about, in general. Praying better for Christmas, I guess. Otherwise, we focus on rebuilding in 2022.

The interesting thing is my aunt that caused the whole schism....she doesn't believe in therapy. *facepalm*


Ok, I feel guilty complaining about this but my job skimped us on our bonus this year. It's like....ugh. My bonus was supposed to be NOICE. I'm grateful for one and shouldn't be complaining considering my raise. But I be having thangs budgeted a certain way, so that raise was supposed to pay for my house taxes and insurance. So now that's not happening, nor my extra extra payments on my mortgage. *sucks teeth* *heavily sighs*

First world problems, indeed. Let me hush.

Watching this fun show on Netfl.ix, "In The Dark". Pretty good!

This week at work has been one for the books. Every day has been at 125 mph. Whew. So glad tomorrow is Friday!

Nothing else going on in my world at the moment. I have some straightening up to do this wekend. Gotta make sure I get around to it. I have no excuse.

Just came to mind to document some nice career stuff happening:
- I'm going to be included in a "most influential women" piece in the local paper.
- I was nominated for a seat on an industry board of directors and have been accepted.

It's crazy 'cause this is stuff I've actively pursued in the past and not been able to find avenues in. Now, when I'm not looking, it just falls in my lap. God is good. I'm a Capricorn so work is important to me. That said, I'm bout to map out my 2022 career-wise.

Lastly for the evening, I've already started my Christmas shopping!!! I'm so proud of myself!!! Halfway done and it feels AMAZING! I'ma sit down and finish the rest this weekend, fa sho! Wooohoooo!!!

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