"Nobody knows me quite like you. Nobody's gon' love me quite like you."

Sunday, Feb. 25, 2024 - 11:08 p.m.

Starting Lent tomorrow.

Sacrificing food items that bring me great joy. *sniff* GREAT joy. Whew. I was supposed to start last week but woke up with some unclean thoughts the day I planned to start. My head wasn't in the right place. So I put it off to start another day then decided to just start on a Monday - tomorrow. I'll pray before going to sleep to usher in this time/experience with God. (I'm already having "thoughts" about what food to eat tomorrow that may put me off schedule. Lord, I need yo HELP!)

I have some prayers I need to send to God. I will definitely be using this Lenten season to tap in with God. Some of them, I've been afraid to pray because I have a liiiiitle anxiety that the prayers will quickly be answered. So quickly that I will not have a chance to wrap my head around whatever happens. So I've been avoiding asking. But I need to, I know I do.

On another note, my leg pain has not decreased. It has INCREASED. My doctor prescribed me some meds which seemed to work after one dose when I woke up yesterday morning. But then I was pushing my mom around in her wheelchair yesterday and stepped out of the car a little heavy. I think the combination of all that aggravated what I already had going on. So now I'm in a lot of pain. Can hardly stand up. It makes me a little bit sad because I've had a cold/allergies for damn-near a whole month and now this. Just makes me appreciate when I am feeling good even more. Praying all this gets resolved within the next couple days so I can get back to walking at the park and just feeling great. Lord, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

I attended a Black wealth summit yesterday morning into the afternoon then yesterday evening, a documentary screening about gentrification of an impoverished local area. I felt convicted at the wealth summit, watching people who appear to be following their calling in sharing and spreading information to people that need it. Then yesterday evening, faced with people that probably don't know what they need to know because they haven't had someone teach them. So I gotta step up to my calling to share information. I'ma get to that shortly.

Time is not infinite. I have to remember that. I have to honor that.

Anywhoo. Just wanted to write a lil bit. Past time for me to go to sleep to wake up early tomorrow. So that's what I'ma do.

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